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Have you written a will and asked someone to be your executor? If you have, do you know quite what a huge ask that is of someone?

Have you been asked, by someone you are close to, to be an executor of their will?  Assuming you said yes (as it is a privilege to be asked), do you know quite what a huge ask it is?

My father was my Grandmother’s executor. My Grandmother had been an office manager before retiring, and ran her household as if it were an office. Every item was labelled, categorised and sorted. Her paperwork was immaculate, but it still took my father hours, probably days, of sorting to make sure that every document needed was tracked down.

I have recently written a will and was reflecting about my own organisation, pretty good, but not up to my fearsome Grandmother’s standards. Was it fair to leave it to my executor to sort out, especially as my executor is a close relative and may well be upset if I beat them to deploying our wills?

So I started checking what documents an excutor would need (apart from seemingly endless copies of the death certificate). I compiled the list of necessaries into a large word document that could be filled in to tell my executor exactly what I had and where it was – money, debts, online accounts, car, holiday home, funeral plans etc.

Friends thought it was a good idea and asked for a copy, so I added all the links that I had found useful in my research.

Then it turned into an app called Verat Executor on The App Store and Google Play Store, as there’s a need for it.

We all lead complicated lives that are difficult to unpick by someone else if they don’t have you sitting by them, prompting.

Verat Executor is the nearest I can come up with to looking over your executor’s shoulder and talking them through everything once you are gone.  I hope it will make the big ask a little easier.


Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

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