Muy muy yum yum


How can you tell someone that their food is fabulous when you don’t speak their language?

I can speak enough Spanish to get along, but when it comes to nuance, I’m hopeless.

The food at Al Son Del Indiano, a restaurant in western Asturias, Northern Spain, is fabulous.  I am lucky enough to be able to visit a few times a year.

After a tasting menu, I really wanted to say that the sauce with the duck was sublime, the nettle and goat’s cheese croquettes needed me to close my eyes while biting into them as they were so perfectly balanced, and that the chocolate pudding was brilliant.  But my Spanish only stretched to ‘very good’ – ‘muy bien’ – or ‘very, very good’ – ‘muy, muy bien.’ Which can feel repetitive and inadequate after each course.

At the end of the meal, I was, however, helped by Ines, the sparkling member of the team that speaks a few words of English.

As she was pouring a coffee, she asked ‘Yum yum?’

So in my best Spanish I replied,

‘Si, muy muy yum yum.’

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