Executor. What are you taking on?


It’s flattering if a friend asks you to be an executor for their will.  It shows that they trust you.  (It probably also means that you will be inheriting something.)

But. Do you know what you are taking on?

It is a huge responsibility with legal strings attached.  It may take up a year or more of your life.


When a person dies there are several practical things you have to do immediately, such as making sure their property is safe.  In the longer term, the detailed paperwork takes over.

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To My Executor

Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

Have you written a will and asked someone to be your executor? If you have, do you know quite what a huge ask that is of someone?

Have you been asked, by someone you are close to, to be an executor of their will? Assuming you said yes (as it is a privilege to be asked), do you know quite what a huge ask it is?

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